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Biomimicry Australia

human-nature (re)connection & regenerative built environments

Biomimicry Consulting

Biomimicry Australia draws inspiration from nature’s forms, processes and interconnected systems to co-create  regenerative design solutions that create conditions conducive to life.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design seeks to (re)Connect  humans with Nature through the design of the places where we live, work, play and learn. 

ESD Consulting

Besides Biomimicry, our capabilities include: Living Building Challenge Facilitation and advice, Green Star Accredited Professional services, One Planet Living Facilitation, Ecotourism advice and ESD Opportunities Reports

Workshops & Presentations

Biomimicry Australia creates workshops and experiences to educate people about Biomimicry and to encourage (re)Connection with Nature.

Biomimicry Australia

Biomimicry Australia is a collective seeking to create a buzz about biomimicry’s potential to inspire innovation.
We humbly seek to better understand the organisms that call Australia home, with whom our survival is intertwined and interdependent, and to learn from them how to better adapt to life in this beautiful, challenging country of drought and flooding rains.

Our Founder

Jane Toner is an Architect, Regenerative Design practitioner, Australia’s first certified Biomimicry Professional & the Founder of Biomimicry Australia.

Jane believes that nature has the answers to guide us in developing innovative sustainable design solutions that are ecologically regenerative, socially just and joyous.

Living Building Challenge

Imagine a building that is as efficient as a flower; a simple symbol for the ideal built environment.  

(Living Future Institute)

Jane Toner is a Living Building Challenge Ambassador  and co-Facilitator (volunteer) of the Melbourne living Building Collaborative.

Jane is currently co-writing a book on integrating Biomimicry Design Thinking into the design process for regenerative design projects to inspire innovative design solutions.













Jane is deeply engaged, extremely capable, and radiates the kind of integrity, compassion, and authenticity that people love to be around. She is also an exciting and highly creative innovator who consistently demonstrates perceptive out-of-the-box insight, and translates it into action. 

Tamsin Woolley-Barker, Evolutionary Biologist and Author of Teeming: : How Superorganisms Work Together to Build Infinite Wealth on a Finite Planet (and your company can too) 

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