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Sustainable & Regenerative Design Consulting

As Australia’s first certified Biomimicry Professional, Jane Toner brings a unique skillset to all of her endeavours. By looking to nature’s tried and tested strategies evolved over 3,8 billion years, she is able to inspire design teams to develop innovative solutions to human challenges. Jane is currently writing a guidebook on integrating biomimicry into built environment projects.

To leave a viable future for future generations, Jane is passionate about working on projects that go beyond the concept of sustainability as a percentage improvement on a baseline; instead she believes that our design solutions need to be ecologically regenerative, socially just and joyous. Jane is a strong advocate for the integration of sustainable design concepts at the earliest stage of design projects and sees multi-disciplinary collaboration as key to successful regenerative design outcomes.

With an in-depth knowledge of a vast range of ESD Assessment tools, that include Living Building Challenge, Green Star, LEED, EC3 Ecotourism standards and One Planet Living,


Jane has contributed innovative and practical advice on integrating ESD into built environment projects, that include: Masterplanning, ecotourism developments, offices, educational buildings, aquatic and leisure centres, and public buildings. She has collaborated in the development of a range of ESD guidelines and strategies, such as the DEH ESD Operations Guide and ESD Fact Sheets for the City of Melbourne.

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