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Biophilic Design & Consulting

Biophilia is the innately emotional affiliation of human beings to other living organisms.  (E.O. Wilson, 1984)

Biophilic design is not about greening our buildings or simply increasing their aesthetic appeal through inserting trees and shrubs. Much more, it is about humanity’s place in nature, and the natural world’s place in human society. (Stephen R. Kellert and Judith H. Heerwagen, 2008)

Biophilia stems from our species’ immersion in nature for at least 95% of our existence. Although biophilic design is often intuitively ingrained in the built environment, a mindful approach to its integration provides the opportunity to more holistically address this human need, contribute to (re)connecting people with nature and place, and promote well-being, not just of humans but also of the ecosystem.

To fully integrate Biophilic Design into design projects, Biomimicry Australia offers Biophilic Design workshops that explore the biophilic design potential. From these workshops we develop a Biophilic Framework and Plan that considers the ecological, historical, cultural, and climatic attributes of the site to inform design responses that are grounded in place.

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