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Student Precinct

University of Melbourne

The intention for the New Student Precinct is to make a significant contribution to the transformation of the on-campus student experience at Parkville by delivering a world-class student hub for the whole campus community.

Biomimicry Australia was invited to collaborate with a consortium of architects and consultants short-listed to develop a vision for a new student precinct at the University of Melbourne Parkville Campus. We contributed advice based on the following questions:

  • What if we viewed the Student Precinct as a mature ecosystem?

  • What if the student precinct functioned like the natural ecosystem it has displaced?

  • How can we restore ecological functions to create net positive impact while connecting the occupants to the natural world?

Our stellar team of included: HDR, McBride Charles Ryan, Kosloff, Sibling, Architecture Architecture & WOWOWA, Reko Reenie, BAP, Rush Wright &  Brickfields.


Image: Biomimicry & Biophilic Design Concepts for UoM Student Precinct

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