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Biomimicry Consulting

We are surrounded by genius! The natural world has spent the last 3.8 billion years in the research, development and refinement of strategies for surviving and thriving on Earth. We are a young species and there is much we can learn from Nature’s elegant, efficient and beautiful design solutions.

Biomimicry is the philosophy, art and science of translating nature’s functional strategies into design principles to inspire well-adapted, innovative design solutions that respect and support all Life.

Biomimicry Design Thinking is used to address specific functional design challenges identified by the project teams in the early stages of design. Challenges for the built environment might include:

  • How does nature illuminate? How does nature optimise light?

  • How does nature thermoregulate?

  • How does Nature collect, store, filter and distribute water?

  • How does Nature exchange information?

Our Biomimicry Consulting Services include:

  • Biomimicry Innovation Workshops

  • Biomimicry (Re)Connection Walks

  • Biomimicry Research for specific design challenges

  • Genius of Place Studies

  • BioBrainstorm - Research & Reports

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