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Seacombe West

The Seacombe West project sought to create a new community on the southern shores of Lake Wellington in Gippsland, Victoria inspired by Regenerative Development principles.

Biomimicry Australia undertook research into the unique natural attributes of the site and how local organisms and the ecosystem leveraged opportunities and managed challenges to inform a Genius of Place (GoP) Study. The intention of the GoP was to develop design principles based on the locally attuned and responsive strategies employed by the local organisms, and for these principles to inspire well-adapted design solutions.

With a wide variety of experts, Biomimicry Australia collaborated in a LENSES design charette facilitated by the University of Melbourne’s Thrive Research Hub to co-create design concepts that will guide ongoing project development.

For more details of this exciting project see Seacombe West and University of Melbourne websites.


Image: Concepts around water management (co-created by participants at LENSES workshop

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