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Play Garden

Jane Toner explored what Biomimicry Design Thinking could bring to the design of a playground for the proposed Lourdes Community Hub in Abbotsford by asking:

  • How does Nature care for her young?

  • How does Nature learn?

Although seemingly intuitive, one of the ways Nature learns is through play, an activity that allows for environmental exploration and adaptation through the invention of new behaviours. Play serves its own purpose - learning or training is not intentional but may be a consequence; abilities are honed and social relationships formed. 

Insights from how social animals often work in groups to care for their young led to the concept of going beyond the site and brief to forge relationships with community networks.

Structures and elements interspersed through the Play Garden allow comfort and refuge away from the major flow of events as well as exploration of natural elements like water and sun.

The Play Garden is rich in experiences and opportunities for children to inadvertently learn about the environment through play.


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